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Established in Apr 2010, Emanimation Holdings™ has adopted a relentless approach to 1st class flawless services to pledge its allegiance to its precious customers. As a holdings company, we are ultimately extending our boughs to cover a variety of unparalleled innovations and creations to become the leading solutions provider in Zimbabwe, the surrounding region and the world. Bringing together creative geniuses from all walks of life to a powerhouse of inherently motivated technological innovations of unscaled growth.

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We are currently stitching out a totally out of this world portal site that you can browse through to witness the power of Emanimation™. Ours will be a portal of design, innovations and technology.
We are not promising you the Atlantic Ocean, Seven Wonders of the World, moon, or anything else but...



Coming Soon...


VISION STATEMENT: Endow with, revolutionize, web, multimedia, movie and animation production beyond imagination in Africa and the whole world, and retain the dictum; relentless creativity...

MISSION STATEMENT: To Develop, Grow, Progress, Advance, bare fruit; through Logic and Creativity

VALUES STATEMENT: To have courage, generational vision, creativity with relevance, add value to our client’s business; thorough teamwork

The Emanimation Design Studios™ trademark is becoming a signature for products immediately recognized for their quality and leadership. It is a powerful signal to the current generation of digital media and professional trades people who choose to use and work with Emanimation™ products and productions with utmost confidence.

This awareness, acceptance, purchase preference, and overall user satisfaction for Emanimation™ products and productions is anchored by our robust and rapid deployment of powerful designs. Our intuitive designs surpass many other by light years, both in presentation and scalability.

Even though you may not be a production professional or advertiser, the coming Emanimation Design Studios™ inc. site will borne many outstanding features that will keep you coming for more.


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Cell: +263 77 2928 512

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315 Carrick Creagh
Glen Lorne
Borrowdale, Harare



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